G. A. Foundation Ltd.

GA Foundation Ltd
G.A Foundation has been a funding company known for its commitments since 2011. So far, we have rescheduled 18+ projects. G.A Foundation LTD. a quality developer committed to bring to bring a significant quality changes in the area of house building concept through a creating new dimension in building technology .We are a team of architects, engineers and professional with a vision to build the society. We execute our plan with a professional attitude, scrutinize each and every phases of so that it covers the natural like earth –quake. G.A Foundation LTD. also has the future vision to reduce the human pressure from the inner over the years therefore would like to reverse the process. G.A Foundation LTD. gives utmost priority to ensure quality of building materials and finishing products to get the longest durability as well as customer hearty gratification Your patronization towards this complex will be highly appreciated.
GA Foundation Team

Mr. Alhaj Md. Tofazzal Hussain
G. A. Group

Message from the chairman

Welcome to the world of G. A. Group, an aspiring home of building the future homes. In here we are committed to build brighter future homes for our valued clients. As the mega city of Dhaka grows rapidly, the need of quality homes is ever increasing. At that situation, the revolutionary concept of multi-storied apartment complex became something a blessing for the city dwellers of Dhaka. In this dynamic scenario, G. A. Group is working relentlessly to serve the valued customers with the maximum possible value. In fact this ever growing urge of striving for excellence is the fuel for our innovative creations. We are extremely fortunate to serve our current customers with our top level projects. Satisfactory remarks from these customers on our projects have made us inspired to go beyond and above the call. We strongly belive that our satisfied customers are the best advertisements for us. Our industrious and extremely efficient engineering team is always working hard in different projects. This amazingly efficient work force gives us an edge in this competitive market and makes us capable to serve our customers with satisfaction. In this publication we are focusing on our latest and upcoming creations that can bring your dream of a sweet home to reality.

Md. Eakramul Hussain Kishor
Managing Director
G. A. Group

Message from the Managing Director

This is my extreme honor to welcome you to of G. A. Group. Here we are working relentlessly to serve our customers with bringing their dreams to reality. Their dreams inspire us to build the best quality multi-storied apartment complex. Building top quality mulit storied apartments for our customers is our priority in our continuous effort towards excellence. Under the dynamic leadership of our Honorable Chairman Mr. Alhaj Md. Tofazzal Hussain we are going forward to attain tomorrows building technology. Currently we are running numerous high quality projects (both ready and under development) on different locations of Mirpur Residential Area and Pallabi. All These Projects are well accepted by our customers. The exclusive Locations, exotic designs and versatile quality of our projects are attracting the customers and metting their demand. We are also planning to grow the wide array of our projects with even more exclusive locations. futuristic designs and comfortable living facilities of tomorrow. In fact it is our inherent urgency to bring your dream, your brigher future home to reality. In this publication effort we are showcasting our creations that can bring your dream home to reality. I sincerely hope that together we can bring a brighter tomorrow for you and your future generation.

Emdadul Hossain
Deputy Managing Director
G. A. Group

Message from the Deputy Managing Director

We extend a warm welcome to all our clients, investors and business partners! G. A Group has established a strong presence in the real estate market. G. A Group sees its property development business as a major thrust area. The G.A. Group is already amongst the fastest growing in the Mirpur and in the coming decades, is likely to emerge as one of the largest in the Dhaka. G. A Group firmly believes that it is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the increased need for excellence in real estate. “Nothing is impossible with hard work, sincerity and dedication” Operating on this philosophy, we have been working forward to create construct buildings for our occupiers. While developing, we not only construct buildings but create a Conducive place for creating memories. Apprehending an expansion and a manifold increase in the real estate sector, we have diversified our services and established a sister concern company G.A Foundation Ltd. The journey from start till today has been very challenging. Thanks to our loyal team of workers and professionals, we have succeeded in proving that we can deliver on our promises that we can rise to the challenge and excel in our performance to the satisfaction of our clients

Md. Zakir Hossain
Director Admin
G. A. Group

Message from the Admin Director

The Property Market in Bangladesh have a positive sign of grow because many construction projects have been successfully constructed and operated. These include the commercial building, industrial zone, residential construction was built in many place in the Dhaka city and around the city. According to the growing of property market, so GA Group was established in response to the potential opportunity of the property market and increasing demand for qualified property value in Bangladesh. Although GA Group is a relatively new company, we have profound local real estate knowledge and experiences as well as extensive real estate networks. With strong commitment and on-going support of our professional and experienced, we are very confident that we can always deliver unsurpassed service quality to our customer and so far GA Group has became one of the leading real estate firms in the Dhaka.

S.M.Etyeanul Islam (Zaki)
Project Director
G. A. Group

Message from the Project Director

Our tag line “Our commitment to Secure Housing” conveys the message that we are going to provide the future homes to our customers. The group is spreading its horizon to various cities in Dhaka. Our group is committed to deliver the high quality, commitment, timely execution.
We, not only provide our customers a living space, but a space that is required for comfortable and healthy living. Today, after successfully building number of projects and achieving substantial amount of success in residential projects, the company is geared up to build its Project which is based in Mirpur. The company intends to emerge as the leading realty and space developer in Mirpur with a future line-up of projects planned across Dhaka. G. A. Group vision is to be prospected amongst the best and most innovative real estate developers in Dhaka by creating value for their customers through excellence in corporate practices and real estate product